Pacific6 is developing relationships with companies pursuing innovative solutions to issues affecting our environment; both on land and in water.  New project announcements will be made in the near future.

Helping solve climate change one burp at a time.

Pacific6 is assisting Symbrosia Solutions develop a breakthrough solution to drastically reduce the methane produced by livestock around the world, naturally.

Symbrosia is a Hawaii based, CleanTech startup that is planning to profoundly change the global food system through the research, development and cultivation of a red seaweed, Asparagopsis taxiformis. This vital bio-resource has the potential to combat the detrimental effects of industrial land based agricultural production by driving a reduction in bovine methane emissions when added to cattle feed.  Breakthrough research has shown that adding just a sprinkle of this seaweed to livestock feed increases growth rate and reduces livestock methane emissions by over 90%.

Symbrosia grows their red seaweed sustainably, with sun and seawater, and bioremediate waste from fish farms, while using zero fresh water.  This solution is good for cows, great for farmers, and even better for the planet. 

“Symbrosia is hard at work developing a breakthrough seaweed supplement that, when sprinkled into animal feed, reduces those methane emissions by over 90%.”

– Kinley, 2020